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November 29, 2012
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Omega - Nyreen Kandros by calicoJill Omega - Nyreen Kandros by calicoJill
I really like Nyreen. She's a character that actually feels real. She has her insecurities and fears and flaws but she pushes passed them all. I really didn't expect her to be as fleshed out as she is considering I completed the DLC in about 2 and a half hours. I also really like her and Aria as a couple. I bet they were one fucked up but adorable couple :)

Anyway, I took a screen shot I loved of Nyreen and redrew it, which was kind of a pain because the screen shot was really dark so I needed a few reference pictures to figure a few things out.

Sorry, I know this isn't the comic and what not, but... She's just... I like her!
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Is it just me, or does she look like an ASSASSIN! From AC
I wonder if Nyreen would have returned to her home of Palaven had she known what the reapers were doing to it? Maybe she did know but just didn't care, even though I suppose she had good reason.
Amazing! I really like her! Great work! Please, more!
I really like her too! Such a shame that we didn't get more of her. Hopefully the next Mass Effect will have a lady turian on the crew! :) Thanks!
really cool
Before DLC was relased I was excited we'll finally can see female turian but I was affraid she will be I don't know how to say that, empty character like some random, normal npc who just once had bigger role. And I was pretty suprised. She had her past, fears etc and her and Aria relationship was adorable(I first time saw Aria "true face" and it was nice saw that she rly can care about someone) and painfull because their love couldn't be like "together forever" becuse differences between Aria and Nayreen. I rly like Nayreen. And your pic is great as always :meow:
Yeah, I was surprised as well. I thought she would be a very flat character so I was surprised to see how well they managed to flesh her out in that short time. I think the fact that her and Aria are polar opposites also helped define her character faster too, so that probably helped make her into more than just some passing face.

Coolest DLC character EVER! Nice work! :squee:
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